Ten Most Powerful Pheromone Sprays for Women

Attract any man you want with the most powerful pheromone sprays for women you can buy online.

1 # Attrakt for Her ($79) – Contains the most powerful combination possible to attract men – both female pheromones AND the love hormone oxytocin!
2 # Alpha 7 Unscented ($59) – a powerful and complex formula stacked with pheromones that include both androsteRONE and androsteNONE. This formula is incredibly balanced, which results in powerful effects such as increased attractiveness, confidence, and perceived authority.
3 # Primal Woman ($59) – Primal Women is the most potent unscented pheromone for women, available exclusively at Love Scent!
4 # TrueSexiness ($79) – best selling pheromone for women online, the reason being it is legendeary for promoting sex appeal, powerful enough to turn any man on faster than you ever thought possible.
5 # TrueCommunication $49) – made of a potent blend of intense copulins & estratetraenol that work together to stimulate testosterone proudction in men that you meet.
6 # Arome de Femme ($59) – Parisian made cologne scent for women that contains a powerful copulin formula that will help you to build trust and attraction with a new male acquaintance or improve intimacy with your current partner.
7 # AndrosteNOL ($89) – Pure pheromone spray made of androstenol, a pheromone contained in female sweat and that has a powerful signalling effect upon men.
8 # Passion Copulin Concentrate ($29) – Highly concentrated copulin pheromones in a delightfully feminine scent.
9 # Scent of Eros ($59) – Designed by one of the world’s leading experts on pheromones, this scented spray contains a concentrated and balanced mix of pheromones for women.
10 # Super Primal for Her ($59) – a potent and unscented pheromone formula that can be paired with your favorite perfume. This specialized combination of sexual and social pheromones will get you any man you want.